Basic Elements


This is our brandmark. It’s bold, assured, and by showing our claim – Beyond Frontiers – it tells the world exactly what we’re all about.

Our animated brandmark signs off stories, animations and movies. This end-frame plays an important role in defining SES as the content owner.

We also use our Perspective lines to reveal the brandmark, alongside a unique audio sign off, designed for SES.

Our two gradients are key brand elements, supporting our primary imagery and primary colour palette. They can be used in environments, print, and online.

Magenta — Blue


Print - Portrait

Print - Landscape



We never change the direction the gradient travels – so the magenta always sits top left. And the light blue always bottom right.

We never crop into the gradients, instead we resize the artwork in Photoshop to fit to the format we are using.

Blue — Blue


Print - Portrait

Print - Landscape




Our Perspective lines reflect our unique viewpoint on the future. We use the lines as dynamic graphical features to reinforce our new claim and bold brand language.

Perspective lines are used in white, on brand colours, and always on primary imagery and gradients.

Exceptions —

The only place the Perspective lines are used in black is on the homepage of our website.

The Perspective lines are only used as start and end frames to bring on text and then our brandmark. On the endframe, the lines are used either on black or over content.


Our photography reflects our unique perspective on the world. Expansive imagery lives up to the confidence of our brand and the scale of the work we do. Beyond Frontiers is a bold, ambitious claim – it’s vital our photography brings it to life in the right way.

Watch the image training film to to better understand the use of our imagery.

A series of aerial photographs, capturing projects from around the world – make up our primary imagery. Each image tells a story of a project drawn from one of our four verticals. Their geographic diversity reflects our global footprint. The viewpoint demonstrates our unique perspective on the world.

Each image has an optional accompanying headline which responds to the project. Primary images should be used only at brand level, in top-line executions.

Click the images below to download.

Second Level imagery

Our secondary imagery helps show the impact we have on the world. They support our primary imagery. We avoid bird’s eye view imagery.

When adding more imagery to the selection, follow these principles —

  • Real world, not staged
  • Sense of life
  • Simple, clear compositions
  • Graphic structures
  • Rich in texture and colour


Fixed data







Info­graph­ics &

Our infographics and icons are designed to reinforce the SES brand and illustrate information as clearly as possible.

Icons with captions


Icons without captions


Here are some examples of our icon style. Note that icons are always housed in a circle and have a single line weight. Icons should only ever appear in black or white.

In the ecosystem, magenta represents an uplink, while blue represents a downlink.

We arrange all icons on a circular grid. Links between the icons are drawn at 45° angles.