Brand Expression


Video plays a huge role in communicating our brand to the world. We’ve created templates to ensure we always display our video content in the best way possible.


Animation is an engaging way to bring information about our products to life.

Download our Animations Guidelines document



Templates have been created in InDesign CC and IDML formats. They are built on a three column grid with a baseline grid and horizontal hanging lines. Style sheets for all typographic styles are included.

SES colours are included in the colour palette. The template also includes a variety of image boxes as a guide as a starting point. All elements; brandmark, Perspective lines, hanging lines, text, page numbers and images are placed on separate layers.

Sample layouts are provided on masterpages.

These templates should be used as a starting point when designing —

A4 company brochures.

Company brochure


These templates should be used as a starting point when designing —

A5 press booklets.

Press booklet


These templates should be used as a starting point when designing —

A4 white papers.

White paper


These templates should be used as a starting point when designing —

A4 Customer case study

Customer case study



Here are some examples of how we might bring Beyond Frontiers to life in campaigns across various formats.

If you only have a singular short word/title for the SES pull up banners, you may scale up the word in proportion to the banner so it is seen as the leading piece of information

A4 and DL size templates have been designed for print campaigns. These formats are starting points for you to adapt to the size your campaign requires.

A4 templates



DL templates

DL template

Online templates have been designed at 90x728, 250x300 and 300x600 measured in pixels. Use these as a starting point for your print campaign project.








Our e-newsletters are created in dotmailer. The templates can be found on dotmailer.

If HTML email content is produced, follow the overall guidelines. For images, only use jpgs under 200kb.


Our gradient is very prominent in social channels, used for header/cover images to give a consistent and distinctive brand look. In these instances, our profile avatar is our brandmark, without claim.

We also created social icons that follow our iconography look & feel. Click on the icons below to download the artwork.


All stationery is black and white. InDesign templates have been created for the entire stationery set. These sit on the SES extranet.

Business card



We have a front and back cover which should be used for all PowerPoint presentations. You will find these pages in your PowerPoint templates. Headlines are always set in Arial Black and everything else comes from the Arial family.

Photo Shoots

The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines and provide support for photo shoots. Please refer to this document when planning a photo shoot.

Download our Photo Shoot Guidelines document